Sunday, July 10, 2011

San Francisco Jaunt

We took the car into San Francisco this weekend. The most obvious thing I noticed was the "auto hold" function of the manual transmission. While shifting, the brakes engage for three seconds to prevent roll back. That's just magical in San Francisco with all the hills. On the down side, I got myself in a couple sticky parking situations when I couldn't get the car into Volkswagen reverse the first time. With all the nagging about gear changes on the dash board, seeing an "R" when I'm in reverse would be a nice feature.

Outside Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. Hooray for frequent flyer miles.

Removed the center rear headrest finally

My Sunday project was to clean the exterior. I started with a wash and then a clay bar treatment. I was surprised to find no visible contaminants on the clay bar, despite its trip from Wolfsburg. I recall my black 2001 BMW 330i having a ton of debris on delivery. Following the clay bar, I gave it a coat of carnauba wax. If I were serious, I would be giving it multiple coats over the next few months, but I doubt I'll have time for that.

Next Project: We're going on a road trip next week. I hope to get the new Pioneer head unit installed in Southern California.

Miles: 226

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