Friday, July 8, 2011

Pushing my Buttons

So I've decided to be impartial and tell it how it is on this blog. As I mentioned to the salesman yesterday, I know the GTI is rated very highly by J.D. Powers, but I also expect to take it back in for a few tweaks after delivery. It's a Volkswagen. Sure enough, one of those necessary tweaks reared its head. It was basically defective upon delivery, but the first pre-set buttons sticks. You can pry it back out with your finger nail, but it's basically a head unit fail. My Mazda 6 had two head unit failures before that issue got settled.

The button problem is minor and with my plans to replace the head unit in a couple weeks, it likely won't get fixed unless I bring it in a box on my first service visit. I'll want a fix if I intend to sell it. Speaking of which, the dealership sent me a coupon for a discount on a service visit, but it expires in a month. Plus my service is free for 3 years. Confused. Even I can send a specific email to a new customer. What's up with that?

Not a defect, but kind of annoying is the rear center head rest. I need to remove it to get my car seat situated, but it won't budge. You used to be able to lift the head rests out of the seats with the button on the post, but apparently you now need a narrow screwdriver to pop it out at full staff, at least according to this video. I will be searching for said screwdriver this weekend, since none in the house are narrow enough. Apparently there is a toolkit with one somewhere in the car, but I haven't found it.

Tomorrow: Rear window tint appointment at 9am
Sunday: A solid washing starting with a clay bar


  1. Got the head rest off after picking up the right width screw driver on the way back from breakfast this morning. Works just like on the Jetta.

  2. Oh, and the sales guy said they made the head rests difficult to get out because they were getting too many lease returns with missing headrests.