Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gas Gauge

I drove around Sunday night and all day Monday with my gas gauge pegged at Full.  The Range notification didn't move either, perpetually telling me I had 385 miles, more or less, until I needed fuel. I sighed, thinking I had the infamous fuel sender switch problem, an issue that some people have gotten multiple times in the lifetime of their Volkswagen. 

Then Tuesday morning the gauge moved ever so slightly on my morning commute and the Range notification began to work again. Sunday afternoon I had gone to my regular Chevron station but their pump was very slow and I was shocked at how low on fuel I must have been, since I spent nearly $55 on three fourths of a tank. What seems to have happened is that slow filling pump topped off the tank beyond the normal cutoff range. Since the gauges are digital for the most part, the tank read full until it hit the less than full threshold, at which point it began to act normally. It's the extra technology that made this a concern. Most people probably wouldn't have noticed in a more analog environment.

Miles: 2003


  1. I probably would have noticed no matter what. Running out of gas is something I have always been paranoid about, despite never actually having done it.

  2. I just hope you didn't mess up your charcoal canister through overfilling it like that. Of course, yours being new, you're smog waived for a few years...