Sunday, July 17, 2011

Project Updates

  • Steering wheel controls. Friday I got a message that the techie at the dealership had some information on doing the job, so next week I'll find out pricing. Probably more than VAG-COM but less than a sunroof option.

  • VAG-COM. There are various electronic options on the car, such as honking the horn when the alarm is set and locking the doors when it's put in gear, that are simply annoying. Dealerships used to change these options when you first bought your car, but now they won't, citing safety concerns (total crap). The alternative is a $250 cable and software package or using the informal network of VAG-COM enthusiasts to do it for you. Enthusiast payment is generally believed to be a case of beer. I'll pursue this when we get back from our trip.

  • Pioneer NAV Unit. Installation scheduled for Wednesday morning at 9am in LA. If I were patient, I would have done the steering wheel controls first to make sure the NAV functions properly with them.

  • Seats. I think I've dialed them in for comfort, which is a relief after reading about how some people took months to figure it out or never did get them comfortable. The ultimate foolishness is to learn you bought the wrong car, so I'm happy about this. Like many, the comfortable driving position is not what I expected: closer, more upright. The 10cm rule in the owner's manual seems to be spot on for me. I wish there were numerical values to the positions because I'm afraid they'll get moved and I won't find that sweet spot again.

  • Emergency kit. I never bought anything like this for the Mazda, but the VW felt like it needed a first aid and emergency kit. It's a German thing. The first aid kit was cobbled together from a Red Cross kit at Target and some off the shelf stuff. The emergency kit included a poncho, gloves, jumper cables, bungee cord, and a bunch of other stuff. It all got repackaged to fit into the nooks  and crannies of the little GTI.
Miles: 546

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