Friday, July 29, 2011

Poker Face

So it's a quiet evening and I decide to take the GTI out so I can play with the sound system and try to figure out why the auto dimming doesn't work on the Pioneer. Downloaded from iTunes for the evenings enjoyment were several Lady Gaga songs, you know, because there's so much range in her music. Yeah, I don't even like Lady Gaga. No way.

I'm cruising down the street on a Friday night, listening to my Lady Gaga and trying to change the voice for the nav system, just because, when lo and behold, I get a dash light. My first reaction is "No! Not my precious German toxic washer fluid!" I know from experience the clear cleaner can't be acquired in the US, so that would be just too horrible to bear. Instead, it appears my horseshoes are bad.

Before I could become too much of a smartass about this light, the information center informed me to check my tires. Oh yeah, tires. Far more logical. The car has TPMS or a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The car thankfully doesn't have run flat tires, but it can tell when tire pressure is off through wheel speed indicators used for traction control. In this case, the rear drivers side tire was down to 22 pounds from 38. The rest of the tires were fine.

Getting air was difficult at the gas station at 9pm, as there are codes needed to operate the air pumps. Damn freeloaders trying to get air for free. After filling the tire at a second station, pressure seemed to hold steady but the warning light remained on. As I'm getting used to my German car, I was sure studying the tome was in order. When I got home I learned that there's a reset button in the glove compartment, of all places. TPMS doesn't really know the tire pressure, only what's "normal" as defined by when you press that button. We'll see if the tire holds air in the morning.

Miles: 2197


  1. 38 nominal? There's a component of your harsh ride, especially on 18s. I suspect my car's 36 is only tolerable thanks to tall 195/60R15s.

  2. Yep, 38 is the recommended inflation. 18" Pirelli Pzero Nero.

  3. Turned out to be a screw in the tire: $25