Saturday, March 23, 2013

Road Trip and Speedometer

I'm sitting in my hotel room in Reno with the last four hours of a 1,400 mile road trip ahead of me today. The road trip was a combination family vacation and business trip, with the last two legs, from Las Vegas back home, finding me driving solo.

It was enjoyable as usual, without any trouble. Valets at hotels can't figure out how to open the trunk, but there are worse things. But there might be one issue....

That would be the speedometer and cruise control speeds. They don't agree. The cruise control is actually a bit high, by 2.5%. So if you think you're going 80 in cruise control, you're actually going 82. I have had that independently verified, by this guy in my rear view mirror. So to clarify: Cruise control says 80, speedometer says 82, Officer Wesley confirms it's 82. Don't trust the cruise control speed indicator.

I'll be doing a bit more research on this. It could be issues like larger wheels, as Officer Wesley pointed out, but you would think Volkswagen would account for that, since the 18" wheels are stock.

Mileage: 35,100

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