Sunday, January 8, 2012

10,000 Miles

My first service appointment is Friday. It's a free 10,000 mile oil change, one of those features (I get three) that makes me want to bail due to the high level of inconvenience balanced by the low cost of doing it elsewhere.

Then again, this is the first time this car has been back to the dealer, at least officially. I told Volkswagen of Oakland to suck it after my radio issues and declined their 30 day post delivery inspection (more marketing than substance). The car won't be going back there, if I can help it. This week it visits Dorito Brothers, or Volkswagen of Walnut Creek, if you have an aversion to businesses that sound like strip clubs. I follow the VW forums and I don't know of any recalls or service bulletins for my car that would apply, but you never know.

My big concern is that they don't futz with the electronic settings I've so painstakingly programmed (reminder to get a clean back up). Then there is the car washing, which I want nothing to do with. I made up a sign, as you can see in the photo. I used to make one up for my BMWs too, the last car in which detailing became a hobby in itself (and where service became a painful chore). Car washes, all of them, screw up the paint.

Finally, I don't believe tire rotation is on the menu, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm kind of against it from the stories I've heard. I would rather have reduced tread life than uneven wear and annoying noise. I'm really sensitive to road noise. The Pirelli P-Zero Nero's have been fantastic so far, and I'm told that changes after you start rotating.