Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Water Pump

The GTI was brought into my local shop for a radiator fluid change, mostly because the water pump is such a known issue. And what did they find? Leaking from the engine block. A visit to the dealer confirmed the water pump was going. It was using about a cup a fluid a month for the past few months, so it's not entirely a surprise. That cost $1208.91.

I also had the front passenger seat belt tensioner fixed, since it wasn't working properly.

All the dings and dents were fixed by their paintless dent repair guy. 

We'll just call this a mid life tune up.

Mileage: 69,504

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

70,000 Miles

With a road trip to Las Vegas approaching, I had the oil changed a little early at 69,270 miles, using an ECS Tuning kit (oil, filter, drain plug).

I changed the cabin air filter from ECS myself using a helpful YouTube video. Last time I was charged $35 for this, with dealers charging upwards of $85. It's not complicated, although getting it back in was a bear, mostly because of the last step, a felt cover with wing nuts that's poorly designed. Still, I would do it again for $35. It wasn't at all complicated.

I'll have the tires rotated in the next week before the trip. It looks like they'll be good for another 10,000 miles, if I'm lucky.

The coolant hasn't been changed. There is no service interval for coolant, and there's discussion if this means it's lifetime or not. Still, many get their coolant replaced around this time. Like the fuel filters I continually change, I'll be extra safe with the coolant as well. Parts are on order.

I haven't had any other problems since the coil pack incident at around 60K miles. On my to-do list is a paintless bodywork tune up for various dings.

Mileage: 69,270