Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bolt Magnet and TPMS

I've driven the GTI about 27,000 miles and have had four tire repairs for bolts in the tread. Thankfully, each was a relatively inexpensive fix and each allowed me to get to a repair facility without leaving me stranded. Still, it seems to attract these bolts more often than my last car, although I can't, for the life of me, think of why that might be. The good news is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), usually alerts me to the problem right away, the exception being one time a couple weeks ago when the "alert" was a bolt slapping loudly into the pavement.

The TPMS uses the traction control to check the rotation of the tires and alerts you when one is out of whack. It's not terribly sophisticated, but it does instill confidence, especially with low profile tires (I know, 18's aren't really low these days). When there is a problem, it's excellent in helping identify the issue, and although it won't tell you which tire is low, it will let you when your futile attempts to add air has finally failed. Let's put it this way, it's a helpful enough safety feature that I would consider it a deficiency if I had to buy a car without it. That said, the lack of climate control is one of those I still can't believe is not offered.

What else is there to report about the car? I've had no other problems or quirks of late, other than the occasional recurrence of the passenger B-pillar rattle. I noticed that using a different door seal protector (Zymol Seal) made the car incredibly quiet for a couple weeks.

I still baby the GTI quite a bit, only using Chevron premium fuel (despite this), mixing my 1Z washer fluid, and continuing with the Zaino polish with 1Z wash with wax additive on the outside. I've resisted changing anything to after market other than the Pioneer navigation system, which got the 2012 update installed this week. Different wheels would be nice, just to make it look a bit unique. A Stage 1 APR tune would be great, just to unlock the power held back by the computer. Other than that, the car is pretty wonderful in every way.

Mileage: 27,500