Wednesday, July 4, 2012

20,000 Mile Service

I just had my 20,000 mile service and my records showed 7/32nds on my tires and 12mm front and 9mm rear remaining on the brake pads.
I can forecast when I'll need new tires based on a few numbers. 3/32nds is when the tires need replacing. The Pirelli P-Zero Nero M&S start at 11/32nds. 7/32nds wear at 20,000 miles means I've used 50% of my tires. I'm good for another year, perhaps.

The break pads started out with 14mm front and 12mm rear. Doing a bit of research, 5mm is probably a good time to change your pads. So doing more math, I've used about 22% of my front pads and 42% of my rear pads. So I'll likely need a rear break job when I get tires in another 20,000 miles.

This also seems to be the case on the Rabbits we looked at, as all the CPO rabbits seemed to have gotten a break job at around 35,000 miles.


  1. "... aftermarket aluminum hoses to improve breaking performance..."


    Me thinks you really want: Braided Stainless Steel covered Teflon Hoses:

    1. Yes!

      As you can see, definitely not my area of expertise.

  2. This whole post is such a mess, I debate whether I should re-write it.

  3. Re-wrote this post, since my edits were more than the original post.

  4. Who much did you had to pay for the 20,000 mile service?

  5. Nothing. 10K, 20K and 30K mile services are free.