Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blinker und Wischer

That guy who said the minute I sell my expensive cable I'll instantly find something I want to do is probably right. I did a couple of minor coding tweaks this evening, one which was bothering me and another someone recently posted to the forums. The first was changing my turn signal rate from 3 to 4, since I found the three count too short to safely change lanes. My VAG-COM philosophy has been to leave things alone unless I can find a compelling reason to change them, so this finally bubbled to the surface.

The second change was a recently posted "wischer" change, or tear drop wiping. This makes the wipers perform one last sweep after you've sprayed your windshield, but only while the car is in motion. As someone whose overly sensitive to a clean windshield (I import the German concentrate fluid and mix it myself), this is a pretty cool addition. As usual, the instructions for both of these modifications got me to the general area, but the menus were a bit different, probably due to software changes. Having experience and confidence hunting through the various bits allowed me to make the changes, along with going back into the MFI and telling it to reset to factory defaults once again (you are effectively changing the factory defaults with the software).

With 9,600 miles, I've scheduled my first service for mid-January at Dirito Brothers in Walnut Creek. I'm debating about getting my tires rotated as well. I'm thinking no. There's nothing wrong with the car, by the way. My rattles have gone and it's mechanically sound.


  1. If they're going to have to have the wheels off, it's probably worth bothering to rotate. If not, then it's not really worth it. The major reason I did it was because I had to take a wheel off anyway. The secondary reason was my anxiety over whether the lugnuts were at the correct torque, since mine has an oddball torque spec. If you're happy, go with it.

  2. I think I'll skip it then. I'm also hearing back reports of how rotating the tires permanently nerfed the ride quality.

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  4. Just an update to say I ended up rotating them at 10K and every 10K since then. They've worn evenly and I'll be replacing them in a couple months.