Friday, August 19, 2011

More Geekiness

My obsessive car cleaning mode has finally kicked in. I've been washing the car once a week, a frequency some (my wife) would consider excessive. But hey, at least it's good exercise, right?  Below we have a wax safe insect remover, German OEM (for the most part) windshield washer fluid, which again does a great job without removing wax, and some Gummi Phlege, a magic substance that keeps rubber door seals quiet and in good health. Why Germans can't figure out door seals is beyond me.

Moments ago I won the Ross Tech VAG-COM cable on Ebay.  Here's the deal on this magic cable that lets you change your software settings: New they're $350, but used they're around $300-320 on Ebay. You use it, change your settings, and then sell it back for that $200-220. It's a kind of rental program. They key is selling it back and not holding onto it thinking you'll somehow need it again.

Finally, VW of Oakland won't take my old stereo back, claiming I voided the warranty by removing it, so the next step will be to call Volkswagen of America. Wish me luck.

Average Fuel Economy: 26.8
Miles: 3078


  1. I just passed 10K miles and I bought in October. You drive MUCH more than I do.

  2. I average around 18k miles a year. A lot of time the TDI looks like a smarter choice.