Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Geeky Stereo Stuff

When the stereo went out, I used the opportunity to have the Best Buy installer move the satellite antenna to the roof of the car from the dash board. This has solved my reception problems, which was the biggest issue (other than outright failure) I've had with the Pioneer unit.

I also changed the splash screen on the Pioneer. It involved acquiring a  Micro SD card and a USB adapter to transfer images I've found online to the card, via the USB key ($10 on Ebay). The Pioneer has a Micro SD slot that can be utilized for images. Here's what the Pioneer system now looks like on start up:

The grill in the photo is from a MKV GTI, but it still looks darn good, especially with the correct colors (black and red). I may change it to one of the generic Volkswagen images I discovered if that detail begins to annoy me.

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