Thursday, December 27, 2012

30,000 Mile Service (and then some)

Some work I got done today at 30,096 miles:
  • Oil, Lube, Rotation. In addition, they changed the brake fluid.
  • Electrical. The culprit for my dead battery was, as you might have guessed, the aftermarket stereo system. The tech went into detail on how the electrical system would bounce up to 600 milliamps, traced back to faults in the system looking for the radio.
  • B-Pillar Rattle. Fixed with "anti vibration/rattle tape" and it appears to be gone.
  • Wiper Blades. All replaced at my expense at an average of $20 per wiper

Wear Item 20000 miles 30000 miles Replacement
Brakes, Front (mm) 14 10 5
Brakes, Rear (mm) 12 8 5
Tires, Front (/32) 7 6 3
Tires, Rear (/32) 7 5 3

Looking at the wear rate of the brakes, I've probably got another 8,000 on the rear and 12,000 or so for the fronts. I've got another 10,000 miles or so for the tires as well. So it may be an expensive Summer, based on my driving patterns.

Total expense for the service was $63.87 for the wipers. They were an item I requested and the first time the blades have been replaced in 2 1/2 years.

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