Friday, September 16, 2011

No Rest for the Wicked

I had a wonderful mini vacation this week at Harbin Hot Springs. The two hour drive up was the kind of back roads the GTI loves to soak up, especially the many miles of twisties through the hills. The tires are still new, which is probably why I couldn't make them complain doing twice the recommended limit on corners. Yes, it's supposed to be a relaxing trip, but people get their kicks in different ways.

This was the trip where I finally got comfortable with the Pioneer stereo/nav combo and getting the most from it reliably. Part of that enjoyment is the money I've spend in the past few months on iTunes music. For the most part, my musical tastes end somewhere in the mid-90's, with a few exceptions.

I came back a day early, hoping to have some extra time to try out the new Zaino polish on the car. Yes, you can only admire beautiful naked people for so long before it becomes a bit boring. Of course there were other things to do, like read Pathfinder modules on the sun deck and soak in hot tubs, and get massages, and be surrounded by nature, and ... wait, why am I home again?

The new ZFX accelerator makes the Zaino process no more difficult than wax, as it removes the extra step of laying down a polymer bonding agent before applying the polish. Now you just mix the binder into the polish and use it more or less like wax. There are still the extra prep steps, like stripping off old wax, clay bar, etc., but you would want to do that periodically anyway. So start to finish was about three hours.

My steps:

  1. Spray bug splatter with 1Z Anti-Insekt and wheels and exhaust tips with Meguiars Hot Rims
  2. Fill bucket while those two cleaners do their job.
  3. Wash with Dawn dishwashing soap (Dawn is a great way to strip wax)
  4. Clay bar (Mothers)
  5. Wash with Zaino Z7 soap
  6. Apply polish (ZFX with Z5)
  7. Wipe off Z5 after 30 minutes
  8. Spray with Z8 detailer
Sure beats yoga.

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