Saturday, June 25, 2011

Watched Pot

After two weeks of no bites on the Mazda, I decided to give up for the weekend and relax with the family out of town. This, of course, instantly led to emails from three interested buyers, four if you count the low ball dealer cash offer. At least he was very polite about it. Two came from Craigslist, one from and the dealer from Ebay. is also the originator of a bazillion spam emails that at this very moment, threaten to overwhelm the mail servers at Yahoo. Sorry Yahoo. Avoid

As a sign of some sort, I also received my lost vehicle title in the mail from the DMV today, along with finding my second set of car keys and remote. I could have done without both, but it makes the transaction that much cleaner. Now all I need is the $900 the IRS owes me for an old tax refund to help with the down payment. Also, since we're asking for miracles, lets have the insurance company (or the completely MIA police) do their job and find the uninsured motorist who owes me $1000 for hitting and running away from Titania's car. That's a financial hole I've filled in with emergency savings and have completely blanked from my consciousness.

Wish me luck. Best case scenario leaves me on the side of the road, carless tomorrow. If I sell the Mazda I'll likely have to wait until early July for the white GTI I've decided I really want (black is more readily available). This is actually alright because sales tax in California drops 1% in July, making this the magic week in which it actually makes sense to rent a car for the purpose of reducing my sales tax liability. See what happens when I get crazy ideas in my head?

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